FAA Part 107 Training Class D Airspace

Hey guys, Art, off the media group. This short post is all about class D or Delta airspace. Now, just to recap. Class B or Bravo airspace is the largest. The next step down is Class C or Charlie airspace and still even smaller we have Class D or Delta airspace.

Now, Class D or Delta airspace is controlled airspace just like Class B and C airspace, which means you need authorization before you can leave the ground. Just like Class B & C airspace, There is no published time frame on how long it will take to receive authorization.

so it’s recommended that you make your request for authorization at least 90 days before you’ll need it. That’s of course if you can’t get authorization through LAANC.

The Altitude is from the surface upward toward a specific altitude. There are no shelves like Class B or C airspace and Class D airspace is shaped like a single cylinder. The outer radius of the airspace is variable, but is generally 4 nautical miles.

Let’s take a look at Dupage airport in Illinois. First we know it’s a class D airport by the dashed blue lines. Second, we know the altitude from the the number 33 in the dashed blue box. This tells us that the altitude of this class D airspace is from the surface to 3,300 feet in a single cylinder straight up.

Ok, this was just a quick over view of Class D or Delta airspace. In our next post we’ll be talking about Class G or golf airspace. As always, subscribe, like, follow, share and fly safe. Peaaaace..

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