DJI Ronin S Review

Hey guys, Art here off the dome media group. As you may already know. DJI released specs and pricing for the DJI Ronin S last month. Considering all the buildup over the past 5 months, the reveal was somewhat anti-climactic, with a basic email from DJI. I kinda expected more. But, I’m not going to make a big deal. Because it’s here and ready to go. Let’s dig in.

In my head, there were three main concerns about the Ronin S when it was initially announced. One was the price. Two was load capacity and three was if the camera mounting plate would be proprietary to DJI or if the’d go with something like a Manfrotto plate. DJI didn’t let me down on either point.

The price of $699, while higher than the competition. Is worth it when you look at the big picture. The load capacity comes in at 3.6 kilo grams or 7.9 lb. That’s huge and should handle most DSLR/ Lens combos. As for the camera mounting plate. DJI made the right call. They went with a Manfrotto 501PL type compatible plate. This means that you can go from the Ronin S directly to a Manfrotto monopod, or tripod without changing the mounting plate.

As for the other features. The weight is approximately 3.3 lb. (gimbal only)and Approx. 4.1 lb.. (gimbal and grip included). The Ronin S uses an RB-1 – 2400 mAh,14.4v Intelligent battery which can power the Ronin-S continuously for 12 hours if the gimbal is properly balanced. It has four built in intelligent features. Time lapse, Motion lapse, Panorama, and Track.

Right out of the box it will start/stop recording of video and pull focus for just about all the popular DSLRs from canon, panasonic and nikon. It also will tart/stop recording of video for Sony and Hasselblad models.

So what do I think? In my opinion. For what it’s worth. I think the Ronin S turned out to be the game changer that I thought it would be. The only option that’s missing the a dual handle setup. Which I’m sure will be available soon. Other than that. I’m loving it.

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