FAA Part 107 Training Class E Airspace

Ok guys in this one we’re talking about surface Class E or Echo Airspace. Class E or Echo airspace requires authorization. As I’ve repeated about class B, C and D airspace, there is no published time as to how long it will take to received authorization to enter class E airspace.

If you can’t obtain authorization through LAANC, How many days in advance should you request authorization? Drum roll please………. If you said 90 days in advance, you’re correct.

Now For most of the united states, class E airspace doesn’t start until either 700 or 1,200 feet depending on your location. Of course for us as responsible pilots it doesn’t matter. Because we won’t be above 400 feet anyway.

Let’s take a quick look at the sectional chart for mount Vernon Airport in mount vernon Illinois. As you see there’s a faded magenta circle and a attached section extending to the northeast, surrounding Mount vernon Airport. This is called a Class E Transition area and it starts at 700 feet AGL and continues up to Class A airspace.
Anywhere outside of the faded magenta area is called the Domestic Enroute and Class E airspace starts at 1,200 feet AGL (Unless designated as another type of airspace) and also continues up to Class A airspace.

Now looking back Inside of that faded magenta area you’ll see a dashed magenta line. This is Surface class e airspace. This Class E airspace starts at the SURFACE and continues up the start of Class A airspace.

Ok, that’s all I have for now on Class E airspace. The next one is all about Class G airspace. As always, subscribe, Comment, like, follow, share and fly safe. Peaaaace..

271 thoughts on “FAA Part 107 Training Class E Airspace”

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