FAA Part 107 Training Class G Airspace

What’s going on guys? We finally made it to Class G airspace. Now class G airspace is not controlled and does not require prior approval or authorization. The cool part about class G airspace is that a large percentage of airspace 400 feet and below is Class G airspace, Unless designated as another type of airspace.

Let’s look at our graph. As you’ll see, There is plenty of class G airspace for us to fly. However, as always, you also need to be aware of your location as it relates to state or local drone flying ordinances.

One last point to remember. Even if you know you’re in Class G airspace, but you’re going to be within 5 miles of an airport, You’ll need to call the tower if you’re a recreational pilot. It’s highly recommended that you use the B4UFLY or Airmap App.

Ok, this is the end of our series on Airspace. I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you. Stay tuned in for more Part 107 training blogs and videos.

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