FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Training — How I Passed The Exam In 7 Days

After reading some posts here and all over the net about the FAA Part 107 Certification rating and the limitations it appears to be putting on our beloved hobby, passion, sport, business or whatever it is to you. I have to share my thoughts. Who am I?

I’m like most of you drone/quad pilots out there. I started out with rc cars and boats then discovered flying rc planes and moved to single rotor helicopters. It’s an addiction. We can’t help ourselves. Then the drone craze hit and for most of us it was the phantom that started it all. My first drone was the phantom 2. I’m sorry to say that about 3 to 4 months into owning it I was about $2,400 into it with all the upgrades. The was the pelican hard case, zenmuse gimbal, gopro hero 3+ black, AVL 58 5.8G videolink transmitter, flysight monitor/transceiver, clover leaf antennas, helical antenna,etc.. you get it. Believe it or not. I still fly it to this day and I know, I’m due for an upgrade.

What’s my point? It’s that no matter what we’re flying or how we’re flying. We have a lot of money, spare parts, flight time and more than a few crashes invested into what we love. For me as much as I love flying the bird. I saw the business opportunity also. I’m a real estate broker and was ready to starting shooting video of my listings and doing property inspections, etc. I was also planning to shoot music videos and weddings. The sky was the limit until 333 Exemption makes it’s appearance. It sounded great, but I needed a pilot to actually fly my bird. That’s not realistic and no fun. 

Then the buzz of Part 107 started flowing around the net. I played the wait and see game with everyone else. I started buying books and reading to get a jump start like everyone did. I took the FAA online course and got the certificate. I read and read and read and just got frustrated. I looked at every major and minor online ground school and the prices ranged from $199 – $3,500. I found Remote Pilot 101.

It was structured, I could take real FAA practice test as many times as I wanted and I did it at my pace. Which was slow as hell considering my schedule. But you can realistically complete the course and take the FAA exam within 7 days. I did it and passed with a whopping 80%. Hey, don’t judge me. I had a lot going. 🙂 So, Why do you need this rating??

A few reasons are:

1.You can get paid for what you’re already doing
2.You’ll have more flying options with your part 107
3.Whatever city/village you live in will a a drone ordinance soon if they don’t already. You’ll be viewed as a professional and less likely to be screwed with. ( I did say least likely)
4.As some point your drone insurance will be cheaper.
5.You open up employment/contracting options for yourself immediately.
6.Why wouldn’t you want to be a master at what you love doing? Take it to the next level.
7.You won’t have to use the crappy B4UFLY app because you’ll be a Commercial Remote Pilot.
8.If I can pass on the first take. So can you. 🙂